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#30DayMapChallenge 🌎🌏🌎

Daily social mapping project happening every November

The official website for #30DayMapChallenge, a daily mapmaking challenge open to everyone.

The idea is to create maps based around different themes each day of November using the hashtag #30DayMapChallenge. You can prepare the maps beforehand, but the main idea is to publish maps on the dedicated days. Just include a picture of the map when you post to Twitter (or other platforms) with the hashtag. You don't have to sign up anywhere to participate. There are no restrictions on the tools, technologies or the data you use in your maps. Doing less than 30 is also fine. See the Code of Conduct at the bottom of the page.

Themes for the maps. See more below.

Day Date Theme Details
1 01-11-2022 Points A map with points.
2 02-11-2022 Lines A map with lines.
3 03-11-2022 Polygons A map with polygons.
4 04-11-2022 Colour Friday: Green Map containing green colour.
5 05-11-2022 Ukraine Map about Ukraine. Слава Україні!
6 06-11-2022 Network A subway network, information network, or something completely different.
7 07-11-2022 Raster A day dedicated to those lovely pixels.
8 08-11-2022 Data: OpenStreetMap OpenStreetMap is the source for geospatial data. Use OSM to map something that is interesting to you. You can access the data e.g. from GeoFabrik or some of these sources. Remember to credit '© OpenStreetMap contributors'.
9 09-11-2022 Space Space as in a boundless three-dimensional extent or as in outer space. Or something else. You choose.
10 10-11-2022 A bad map Make intentionally a bad map. What makes a map bad?
11 11-11-2022 Colour Friday: Red Wohoo! Friday again! Make a red map!
12 12-11-2022 Scale In cartography scale is everything. How to make a map about scale? How to show the importance of scale?
13 13-11-2022 5 minute map Some people spend hours on their maps. For day 13, set yourself a time limit of just 5 minutes and see what you can make.
14 14-11-2022 Hexagons A map containing hexagons.
15 15-11-2022 Food/drink Where does food come from? Where people consume most coffee? Or maybe you could make a map FROM food?
16 16-11-2022 Minimal How minimal can you go?
17 17-11-2022 A map without a computer Go outside. Pick up a pen. Do something that is not in a digital format.
18 18-11-2022 Colour Friday: Blue Map containing blue colour.
19 19-11-2022 Globe That round thing.
20 20-11-2022 “My favourite…” Map something you like.
21 21-11-2022 Data: Kontur Population Dataset Make a map with this population dataset. Data is in H3 hexagons with population counts at 400m resolution. Fixed up fusion of GHSL, Facebook, Microsoft Buildings, Copernicus Global Land Service Land Cover, and OpenStreetMap data. You can access it You can access it here.
22 22-11-2022 NULL
23 23-11-2022 Movement Make a map about something moving. Can be humans, animals or something else. Can be animated or static.
24 24-11-2022 Fantasy An imaginary place or a fantasy style.
25 25-11-2022 Colour Friday: 2 colours Map containing only two colours.
26 26-11-2022 Island(s) Islands in the water, islands of innovation or something completely different.
27 27-11-2022 Music Music (or sound). How would you map it?
28 28-11-2022 3D The magnificent third dimension! Visualize something in 3D
29 29-11-2022 “Out of my comfort zone” Challenge yourself. Maybe a map using a new tool?
30 30-11-2022 Remix Take a map that you've done during the month and do a new version. Or take a map you really like by someone else and do your own version.

Code of Conduct

No matter if you are a GIS expert or never made a map before, everyone is welcome to participate,

Keep in mind a few things:

  • All maps you publish have to be your original work. Don’t steal content from others.
  • Give credit to the original data source whenever possible.
  • The challenge is all about creativity, openness and the joy of beautiful maps and cartography. It is not a competition.
  • Don’t be an asshole

Inspiration for the challenge came from Inktober and Tidy Tuesday.


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About me

My name is Topi Tjukanov and I started the challenge in 2019 on Twitter. You can find more information about me and a contact form from my personal website.